Oktoberfest at Soboba Casino Resort

◆ By Mike Hiles

Next month, Oktoberfest will turn into October fun when the Soboba Casino Resort Event Center is transformed with everything German. The resort’s Food and Beverage Director is Victor Mortazavi who is looking forward to celebrating his homeland and heritage with 1,000+ guests on October 5 from 4 to 9 p.m.

“With so many Oktoberfest events taking place throughout the southland, we wanted to challenge them,” he said. “The food will set us apart from all the rest.”

Food stations set up throughout the center will offer authentic German recipe eats from savory to sweet. Soft pretzels with beer cheese dipping sauce and mustard dip can be followed by German waffles with berries, applesauce, whipped cream and powdered sugar or any of the other 15 delicacies available.

“Seating will be traditional Oktoberfest style: long tables,” Mortazavi said. “In true German style, nobody ever needs to dine alone – tables are shared between family, friends and strangers alike.”

A Schnapps garden will have a dozen diverse offerings and more than 20 beers will be served keg-style to a background of live traditional polka music. For those that want something different, there are 11 German-label wines and four coffees to choose from including Black Forest Chocolate Coffee.

“We have selected several craft beers,” Mortazavi said. “We looked for local and American, next German and then Mexican breweries. We strived to provide a well-balanced offering from each style.”

Oktoberfest, held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, is the world’s largest “Volksfest” (beer festival and travelling funfair). It lasts 16 to 18 days and welcomes more than six million visitors from throughout the world each year. It has been an important part of Bavarian culture since 1810. Many cities around the globe host Oktoberfest celebrations modeled after the original one.

Mortazavi has attended the Munich event and found one of the most amazing things to be the amount of American music that is well liked there. Most notably is that Neil Diamond’s hit song “Sweet Caroline” can be heard throughout the affair with thousands of people singing along.

“I think these events are popular in this country because they focus on food and beer – and beer is the beverage of choice for most Americans,” he said.

As if the experience of attending Soboba Casino Resort’s first Oktoberfest wasn’t enough, there will be lots of souvenirs to buy as well as a custom Soboba Oktoberfest beer mug for each paid guest.


Advance tickets are $20 and will provide admission and $15 worth of tickets for beer, food, wine and merchandise.
These must be printed out and presented at the door.

Tickets are on sale now: Click to buy tickets

Tickets will also be available at the door for $30
Soboba Casino Resort Event Center
22777 Soboba Road, San Jacinto CA
Information, 866-4-SOBOBA


Photos courtesy of Soboba Casino Resort

Soboba’s Oktoberfest will offer beer, wine and authentic German foods.

Soboba’s Oktoberfest will offer beer, wine and authentic German foods.